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The Problem

In today's clinical world, office efficiency is crucial.

Paper-based methods require extra work, lots of cabinet space, and chart shuffling.

Handwriting is inefficient given the volume of work clinicians have to do.

You aren't getting paid for this work but it has to be done

How do you want to spend your time?

The Solution

Would you like to have more time and energy?

Clinical Record Keeper–Mac™ software makes that possible.

Clinical Record Keeper–Mac™ is designed to help psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, nurse clinicians, clinical specialists, and counselors. It is a streamlined, single-user software program for creating and managing your clinical records.

Reliable, versatile, and easy-to use. CRK–Mac™ increases your efficiency and puts time and energy back into your day.

CRK-Mac has a computer engine. The engine is MacJournal from Mariner Software. You buy both programs. See Support for more information. 

Benefits and Features

  • Work Smarter

Organized like an outline tree with folders and files.

Data entry by keyboard. Key commands can also help your data entry speed. 

Dictate into the program at a high rate of speed with a separately obtained utility. Learn more about this in The CRK™ Solution.

  • Save Time With Templates

Versatile template selection for every scenario.

The comprehensive selection of templates can be completely modified by you. This flexibility means you can easily customize the program to suit the way you work. Try that with a big office management program and you will sprain your fingers!

Using a template, make individual out-patient treatment requests for managed care companies. (Then simply update them for resubmission). 

Do the same for individual Rx plans. A big time saver!

Psychotherapy notes are in a separate file. HIPPA is cheering!

  • Easy medication tracking with CRK–Mac Medical™

The CRK–Mac Medical™ version has the necessary functions for:

Noting medication changes.

Noting prescriptions in the progress notes. 

Noting Labs in the progress notes. 

Grouped or single computer prescription template.

Re-date and reprint the grouped prescriptions. 

Current Medication Section

Lists all medications, doses, Sig, start date, and good till date for all prescriptions.

Stays with the most current progress note. 

Also lists Pharmacy, phone number, Dx, DOB, medical doctor, telephone # etc.

Active Problem list, and Reminder functions.

Other information of your choosing.

I recommend an inexpensive abbreviation utility to help you with medication management and data entry. (For more information see Articles for Clinicians.)

  • Fast, Secure, and Cost-Effective

You don't have to be a computer whiz to enjoy greater office efficiency.

Simple to learn and easy to use.
The CRK–Mac PDF guide will get you up and running quickly.

Password protected. Your records are kept safe and private.

Low initial cost.

No maintenance fees.

Clinical Record Keeper–Mac™ will help you get your work done and go home with more energy at the end of the day.

You will have extra time and energy!

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