Support and Requirements


With purchase of Clinical Record Keeper–Mac™ or Clinical Record Keeper–Mac Medical™ comes a license to install and use this software on your computer. We license the software to you. Install it on two computers for your own use if wanted. You may not otherwise duplicate the program. The program is protected by Federal copyright law.

This software is provided as is. While every effort has been made to make sure this software works well and as advertised, Clinical Record Keeper–Mac™, Charles M. Stewart, and Blueberry Harbor, Inc. are not responsible for your use of the software, or untoward events that take place as a result of your installation and or use of the software. Because of the nature of the software, no refunds will be made after purchase. 

It is unfortunate that we have to put this disclaimer here. We take our software design and implementation seriously but in today's litigious society we must protect ourselves. 


The Clinical Record Keeper™ program combines two applications, the CRK–Mac™ software and MacJournal.

Each are sold separately. Your total cost is still far less than other record keeping software!

To run the full program you will need to purchase MacJournal from Mariner ($39.95) and install Clinical Record Keeper–Mac™ after that.

You need to be running Mac OSX 10.4 or newer.

MacJournal runs well on Leopard.

You need about 200 mb of space to run the full program.

I suggest you download the 30 day trial of MacJournal and try it out. You will quickly see that with an outline tree on the left, with 3 levels of folders you can organize many thousands of files quickly and easily. The commands of the program are easy to get to, and with editable templates and complete directions you can be up and running efficiently shortly after installation of CRK-Mac. MacJournal is written in native Mac language and was designed by experts who know what they are doing!

Link for MacJournal:

Click here for the PC version of Clinical Record Keeper™


Support for Clinical Record Keeper–Mac™ and Clinical Record Keeper–Mac Medical™ is found within the program in a complete directions file, and a Quickstart for Practitioners. I go into great detail to describe step by step how to do things. I show you how to work very efficiently. 

The included PDF slideshow details the most efficient methods of setting up and using your new software. To get you up and running quickly you'll see screenshots for the best sequences of actions in the program.

Modest additional support for the program is free. Email me here and I'll get back to you in a timely manner.

 Copyright 2010 Charles M. Stewart All rights reserved.