The Problem for Clinicians and The CRK Solution

The Problem for Clinicians

Clinicians are floating in a sea of paper. 

Writing paper charts by hand is an inefficient way to keep records.
The average adult handwriting speed is 20 words per minute.

How about a better method, say, typing at 50 wpm? Or dictating at 100 wpm?

You are a clinician in business. Me too. 

There are many demands on you. 

Paper charts have many disadvantages. I know most of them.

I've got to save you time and energy or it isn't worth much, right?

The Solution

You need an efficient method to create, access and use clinical records.

Typing and computers offer a good way out.

Clinical Record Keeper–Mac™ is a fast and efficient, single-user software program designed for Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Nurse Practitioners, and Counselors. It was designed by a practicing clinician.

CRK-Mac™ features an intuitive design that is easy to use, and fast to operate. It takes the stress out of record keeping. 

The Windows version has been in use by clinicians for 7 years. We now offer Clinical Record Keeper-Mac™ for Mac OS users. Boost your efficiency – put some time and energy back into your day!

I do have to talk about the details of the program a bit here.

  o    Reliable, and comprehensive.

  o    Fast and easy. 

  o    Versatile. Easily modify templates to suit the way you work.

  o    Data entry by keyboard is quick and legible.
         Key commands can help you even more. 

  o     Abbreviation utilities can greatly increase your speed.         

  • Want to keep a clinical chart?

  o    Holds everything in one file. No searching.

  o    Use a template or free text (without a template).

  o    Initial evaluation.

  o    Date of service and procedure code.

  o    The record you type.

  o    Managed care authorization codes.

  o    Next appointment date.

  o    Active problem list.

  o    Reminder function.

  • Want to Keep Progress Notes?

 o    They follow the initial evaluation.

  o    All notes are sequential in one scrolling file.
        This provides continuity in your review and understanding of what

  o    Any clinical chart can be more or less involved. Your choice. 

  o    Use a progress note template if desired.

  • What about Psychotherapy Notes?

 o    Kept in a separate but contiguous file.

  o    Instant access. 

  o    Meets the Psychotherapy Note Exemption of HIPPA

  o    They are not part of the clinical chart.

  o    Review of your notes before the next session is quick and easy.

Had enough or do you want more?

  • Want to keep a Visit and Receipt Record?

 o    The Weekly Visit and Receipt Record template holds the necessary        

  o    Makes updating the Statement of Accounts (if you use it) fast and

  o    Serves as a deposit record for your checking account.

  o    Tracks all money coming into your practice. 

  o    Aids in your billing process whether you do it yourself or farm it out.

  • Need to keep Managed Care Outpatient Treatment Requests?  Rx plans?

  o    Use a template to create individual OTR's and Rx plans.

   o    Re-edit them in the future.

   o    This method saves you time, each and every time you use it.  

I have thought about most things a record keeping program needs and put it all in this program. I did it for myself first, and you second.

  • Want to keep track of details?
    Create and retrieve information quickly?

 o   Use the grouped To Do List or Reminder in the clinical chart.

  o    Dictation software has come a long way in the past few years.
         Speeds of 100 wpm are common. 

  o    Dictate into your computer with MacSpeech Dictate (obtained
        separately). This is a fantastic time saver for
        overworked clinicians.  

  o    Includes complete direction files and Ultrabasic Quickstart for

  o    All CRK-Mac files can be printed easily.

  • Statement of Account

 o    CRK-Mac has a manual Statement of Account (ledger type). 
         If you use a statement, use this one. Printed envelopes unneeded.

  o    CRK-Mac does not do accounting or print HCFA 1500's.
         For an inexpensive program that does a great job of that check out 
         Practice Magic at

  • Do you need lots of templates?
    None of the big office management programs are this versatile. A strength of this program is that you have the flexibility to arrange it the way you like for efficiency and your office practice.

  o    Letterhead Stationary.

  o    Fax Sheets.

  o    Release of Information.

  o    Client Information Sheets.

  o    Super Bills.

  o    Receipt for Payment.

  o    Practice Policies.

  o    Statement of Account.

  o    All of these helpful templates are included.
         Moreover, you can create any additional templates you like as well.

Every step in the process of record creation and use has been analyzed for ways to make it easier and faster for you. You see I have my eye on that time and energy you are going to save!

  • Want to take your files with you and keep them safe?

 o    CRK-Mac is ideal for laptop computers.

  o    Complete records can be taken securely from one location to another.

  o    Do your work at a time and place of your choosing.

  o    Fast and easy backup.
        With the recommended backup records are actually safer than paper

  o    Protected by password. 

  o    Low initial cost.

  o    No maintenance fees.

  o    No big learning curve. 

  o    User friendly.

There I did it. Now you can go home at the end of the day with your records done and energy left over.
I rest my case!

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 Copyright 2010 Charles M. Stewart All rights reserved.